We have no limitations as to the use of the funds our clients take. We help clients’ access loans that can be used for home improvements, car purchase, education, holiday or emergency needs. With our easy to apply loan process, it only takes a few minutes for the applicants to fill in their essential details that are required. Enfield Loans enable you access fast personal loans. You will only undergo through two processes, these are applying the loan and repaying the loan


Online application for the loans has been made possible for all clients in the UK region. You can first start by obtaining a free quote which is usually handled within minutes by our staff. Once you have filled your details on the quote form, our staff review the details and call you to inform you of the approval or decline of your interest to get a loan. On approval, you proceed to fill the application forms which should be sent along with documentation listed regarding the asset used to secure the loan. This is sent to our offices for dispatch to the lender who will then advance you the loan. The application is quite a simple process.


After receiving the loan amount, you are required to pay back the amount according to the terms of the loan agreement. This means that on the outlined repayment date, funds should be available for deduction by the lender. The repayment is automated thus no need for you to go make physical payments to the lender. You can repay for the period stated in the loan agreement or choose to pay off the loan sooner than the date stated. Late payments on the other hand are not permitted. In case of difficulties, you are expected to communicate with the company to see if an amicable agreement can be reached between both parties. In case of default and an agreement could not be reached, the property used to secure the loan is seized and put in the market to recover the loan money.