Enfield Loans is a company to recon with when it comes to secured loan applications in the UK region. We have plenty to offer our clients in terms of good loans and quality customer service. There are numerous reasons as to why you should select our service rather than that from service providers like LoanSearch. These include:

1. Reliable and responsible: We offer services to our clients relentlessly and have been in operation for a long time. We are also responsible in the kind of services we offer our clients. The financial world is a delicate one and we treat it like it should be treated.

2. Treating borrowers equally: We cherish all our clients and do not seek to distinguish or bias any of them. Both clients with bad credit rating and those with good credit rating are able to access our lenders for loans.

3. High approval rates: Enfield Loans has a track record of high approval rates for the loan applications made. We have a record of over 80% approval for client loan applications. All who are able to meet the eligibility criteria set qualify for an easy loan application process.

4.Fast loan processing: Our staff has mastered the art of fast loan processing. They go through the quote filled within minutes and offer a response. With this completed, the client can move to make an application to the loan offers from the numerous lenders available.

5. Variable loan amounts: We have ensured that our clients looking for secured loans have the opportunity to access a variable loan amount. The loans range from a minimum of £3,000 to £100,000. The borrower is at will to take an amount that they wish as long as it can be covered by the security used.

6. Variable rates: Enfield Loans links clients to lenders who offer variable attractive rates. The APR rates against the loans offered depend on the borrower’s credit rating, the amount of loan borrowed, and the security used against the loan.

7. Easy application: We offer clients an easy application process that sees them filling a free quote. This usually requires minimal basic details. As regards loan applications, the clients take a minute or two to fill their details and the loan required which we forward to the lenders.

8. Long repayment periods: We offer our clients’ variable repayment periods that see them repay a loan over a flexible time frame. This enables the borrower settle on a period that will see them paying easy to meet installments depending on their financial position.

9. Professionalism in service delivery: Enfield Loans offers professional services to clients at all times. This has seen our customers receive friendly services which are geared at helping the clients get what they want. It is also meant to attract more clients to come receive quality loan quote services.

10. 24/7 applications: Our clients are free to make applications at any time of the day. This has been made possible by the presence of our online website. The site has also made the application process simple.