How much will my loan cost?

We offer free quote services. You are not required to pay any amount for your loan application. All related fees when it comes to conducting searches and verifications are clearly listed on the loan pack. As for the interest rates, these are usually determined by the type of loan you are borrowing and the lender you select for the loan. You are not required to pay additional fees out of what is stated. In case of any clarifications, feel free to contact us.

When do I get the money?

This largely depends on the time we receive the final signed loan agreement and all the required documentation fro the loan. You should be able to get the money within 7 days after the documents have been delivered to us.

Who is my witness on the loans?

You are at liberty to choose your witness. This could be a family member, a close friend, or someone living close to you and you can trust. A witness should be someone that you have known for at least 2 years.

Can I take a loan top up?

Yes. You can take a loan top up as long as you did not reach the loan limit you are eligible for in your loan application. You should contact Enfield Loans directly for such a request as there is no slot for such applications on the site. Our team will be happy to assess your circumstance and guide you through the new application.

Can I make an early loan repayment?

Yes. You can make an early loan repayment if you are in a position to do so. Depending on the lender, an early repayment may result in a penalty cost or in some cases; you may repay less as interest may be calculated for the time you held the loan and not the full repayment period stated on the loan agreement.

What if I am not comfortable sending my original documents to you?

We are a trusted company known to treat clients’ original documents with utmost caution and discretion. Clients can choose the secure post pack option. A freepost envelope is sent to you where you can put the loan agreement documents along with your personal identification documents and proof of ownership documents. If you are still unsure you, you can use the Royal Mail Recorded Special Delivery services from the post office to send the documents to us.

Can I get a new quote?

Yes, you can get quite a number of quotes. All you need to do is sign into your account and request for a new quote. This service will be offered free of charge.

How do I get the paperwork to sign?

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent your paperwork by post. This will be sent directly to you for completion, signing, and attaching of required documentation then send back the mail to us. When this is completed, you should post them in a mail back to us for processing of the loan. If you fail to receive documents within a span of 7 days, you should contact us to make a follow-up.