Welcome to the Enfield Loans site. We are the company that is dedicated to helping our clients get secured loans quotes which enables them get the best secured loan deals in the UK. We believe that our sole purpose is to keep the clients happy by helping them get the best funding available.

Our Mission

Enfield Loans searches the market to find the best secured loan deals for clients with an intention of becoming UK’s best secured loans quote site.

What do we do?

Enfield Loans just like LoanSimply has collected plenty of information regarding lenders available in the market and the deals they have to offer clients. We have negotiated with the lenders to ensure that they provide our clients with the most reasonable deals. With this done, we help connect our clients to these responsible lending companies to secure loans.

Do you have a financial crisis that you do not know how to handle? Are your loan applications turned down by lenders due to a bad credit history? Are you looking for an emergency loan and do not have the luxury to wait for the long approval processes of the bank? If your answer to one or all of the above questions is yes, you are at the right place. You need our services to help you land on the best lender available. We will help you get the cheapest deals from our panel of lenders.

Through our site, clients are in a position to access a free quote. This lets the borrower fill in their basic information that helps in assessing an eligible borrower. After filling out the details, a fast response is given regarding secured loan application. We offer free quotes to our clients but in no way obligate them into taking a loan.

What makes us deliver?

Unlike LoanExplorer Enfield Loans services have evolved over the years seeing us deliver the best to our clients. Our services revolve around the listed concepts:

Cheap loan offers: We have a panel of lenders that offer the cheapest loans to our clients. Based on your borrowing profile, you can negotiate on the rates offered to get even lower rates against the loan you want to take.

Unlimited lenders: Enfield Loans has an unlimited number of lenders on our panel. We have every UK lender listed thus allowing our clients to make their desired choice when it comes to a lender.

High approval rates: Enfield Loans has high approval rates for our applicants. This is due to the unbiased nature used to grant clients access to loans. We are neither choosy nor negligent when it comes into looking at the loan applicants.

Years of Experience:Enfield Loans as a company has years of experience in handling loan quotes. Our staff has skills in helping clients make appropriate decisions when it comes to lending. Years of experience have also equipped us with skills in selecting the best lenders for our clients.

Your Rating

Enfield Loans is focused at availing loans for all types of individuals. We have different kinds of secured loans available through our lenders. Clients with good and bad credit rating are able to secure loans through our site. No credit checks are conducted on initial applications to ensure that our client’s credit files do not register the checks which may eventually have a negative effect. Soft credit searches are only conducted on clients whose applications have been accepted. This does not have an effect on the client’s credit rating.

Personalized facilities

As a borrower, you definitely would love to get a loan that is tailored to meet your needs. We help our clients access loans that have APR’s tailored to suit the borrower’s circumstances. The APR is usually based on a client’s credit rating, job status, and loan amount borrowed. A good credit rating means a lower APR against secured loans applied. Though those with a bad credit rating are able to acquire a loan, they get them at a higher APR.